NXT Design is a highly recognized interior design firm. With offices in San Diego, CA and Detroit, MI, we believe in creating memorable and impactful experiences through design. We utilize a human-centered design thinking approach to reach a deeper level of connectivity, moving past the surface and unlocking the psychological aspects of the user experience. We also believe there are no short cuts to excellence. It’s the little things that make the difference, in construction – and in life – details separate the good from the great. NXT Design is passionate about doing whatever it takes to accomplish every single detail of a construction project the right way. Every time. On time.

Since 2012, NXT Design has worked with global corporations as well as start-ups, providing architecture design, interior design, graphic design, custom fabrication, and construction services. We have developed and built designs for restaurants, offices, schools, retail spaces, event spaces, churches and private residences. From the initial concept to the detailed accessories, we are obsessively passionate about design and the impact it has on our lives.


Leadership Team

Justin Morelock


After years of construction and fabrication positions, I decided to put all my passions together. I went back to school and earned my degree in industrial design, shortly thereafter I founded NXT Design. I dreamed of waking up every morning and being excited to go to work, I can truly say that dream has now come true.


Nina Granaas-Morelock

Managing Director

With a passion for helping people, I find great pleasure in assisting people bring their goals to life. I've worked in many industries for many years as a general manager, but nothing has been as exciting as the design industry.


Andre Fajardo

Design Director

As a native born Peruvian, and immigrant to the United States, it was because of my father that I first felt the need to design. Him being a construction worker, I imagined that I would design the buildings he would create. Ten years later, and I still hope to influence the world in the same way he has inspired me.



  • Axalta Coating Systems
  • Bamboo Detroit
  • Basco of Michigan
  • Bistro 750
  • Bosal North America
  • Continental Capital Realty
  • Corporate Production Services
  • Detroit Cookie Co.
  • Donohoe Pediatrics
  • Dr. Melanie Orthodontics
  • DuPont
  • Elite Imaging Systems
  • Empowered Family Chiropractic
  • Epic Entrepreneur House
  • Ethode + LightSpeed
  • Exotic Jerky
  • Flint Group
  • Live Great Fitness
  • M3D Experiences
  • MNX Solutions
  • Motor City Solutions
  • Mount Prospect Smiles
  • National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
  • Rehco
  • Revolution Design Studio
  • Rise'n Roll Bakery Corporate
  • Rise'n Roll Bakery Valparaiso
  • Rise'n Roll Bakery Greenwood
  • Rise'n Roll Bakery Warsaw
  • Rise'n Roll Bakery Elkhart
  • Rise'n Roll Bakery Ft. Wayne
  • Rocket Fiber
  • Sabic
  • Tenue
  • The Grosse Pointe Academy
  • TNE International
  • Unity Financial Advisors
  • Various Private Residences
  • Visor Frames
  • W.S.D.P.A.H.S